Leading Greek Life to Excellence

by Matt Mattson

leadership“With all of the people, energy, education, and resources in the Greek world, what SHOULD we be achieving?”

I’m working with Brandon Cutler (from K-State) on a workshop for the AFA Annual Meeting this year.  Our concept was to deliver a workshop that would offer an opportunity for leaders to emerge and push the fraternity/sorority world to the level of excellence it deserves.  We wanted to see who would show up, who would be bold enough to suggest outrageous ideas, who are the people in our movement who will lead us to the next level of greatness.

We’re looking for everyone’s input by the way.  Would you be bold enough to share your wildest dreams and ideas for the fraternity sorority world?  Complete this short survey, here.

Are you a leader in the fraternity/sorority movement.  Are you working today to push our industry forward to a new and better place?  Are you dissatisfied with the current state of affairs in our industry and willing to be a revolutionary leader?  Are you taking a stand against mediocrity?

There are some great leaders in our movement right now.  Men and women that I respect deeply and who have paved the way for our potential as an industry to be reached.  We need people now though to step up and go drive us to the next level.   Will it be you?

Professionals, alumni, and undergraduates alike could become that “small group of thougthful, committed citizens” that can change the world” that Margaret Mead talked about.  Will you lead that group?