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Just Do Regular Stuff


Matt Mattson

I find myself giving that advice a lot when working with fraternity and sorority members. When it comes to recruitment, 99 times out of 100 we overcomplicate the matter.

When we want to meet people, we feel like we have to roast a pig or put on a skit. When we want to get to know someone, we feel like we have to go play paintball or follow intricately detailed policies and procedures.

“Just do regular stuff! Do normal things that normal people would do.” That is typically my number one piece of advice when it comes to the BEST way to get better results from your recruitment efforts.

What it really comes down to is, NON-GREEKS ARE AFRAID OF FRATERNITY/SORORITY RUSH EVENTS. No kidding. They’re terrified. They have no idea what a “rush event” is (does that term really even make sense to you?), and if they do know what a rush event is, why would they want to come see a group of strangers in a strange place doing abnormal activities? Especially considering the fact that all they’ve heard about fraternities and sororities is the bad stuff.

Simple pieces of advice:
1. Non-Greeks are afraid of rush events
2. So please don’t depend on rush events to fill your membership
3. Because the people you want aren’t showing up at your events
4. Instead… do normal, everyday things… be normal (strange advice, I know).

Normal things to develop relationships with prospective members:
Go to lunch, grab some coffee, study together, go work out together, go to the bar together, order pizza, watch the game, have girl talk, play IM sports, hang out after class, work on a volunteer project together, play video games, go shopping, go to a movie.

Don’t scare them away… Have fun.

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