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It Shouldn’t Be Easy

by Jessica Gendron Williams

It Shouldn’t Be Easy.

So maybe you tried something new this year in recruitment.  You got rid of skits or tried values-based recruitment for the first time or tried to focus on conversations first.  Whatever it is that you might have tried, you might be leaving recruitment feeling like it didn’t work – that it was really hard and uncomfortable.  Perhaps you feel like your members or the community didn’t “get it”.

You’re now getting ready to debrief recruitment or plan for next year’s recruitment – thinking about the changes you attempted – and wanting to trash the whole idea.  It was too hard.  It didn’t work perfectly the first time you did it.  You felt a little unprepared for it.  So the decision is made – go back to the way you did it before.  The recruitment reviews might even tell you that the members or the chapters didn’t like the change either.  It just seems easier and will make everyone happier to go back to what you were doing before.

I have some news for you:  Change is hard.

Change should make you uncomfortable – if you are doing it right.  There’s no growth in your comfort zone.  There’s no comfort in the growth zone.  The discomfort you, your members, or your community feel is a good thing – it means you’re getting better, evolving, changing – for the better.  If you want to get better YOU HAVE TO GET UNCOMFORTABLE.  It’s very rare that anyone can do anything for the first time and be AMAZING at it.  You cannot expect it to be perfect the first time it ever happens in recruitment.

The reason that your chapter or community feels so comfortable doing what you’ve always done in recruitment – is because you’ve had plenty of practice – year and years of practice.  Now, you make one tiny change and after trying it for the first time and you want to quit?

I beg you, please don’t – please don’t quit.  Don’t give up on the changes just because it was a little hard.  We’ve seen countless chapters and communities give up on important changes because it wasn’t perfect the first time they tried it – or it was too hard the first time – or it felt a little uncomfortable.  You knew it was right to make this change when you started, don’t forget that now just because it was hard… It’s supposed to be hard.

The only way to get better is to get uncomfortable.   The more and more you do it – the less and less uncomfortable you feel.  Don’t give up after one try or one year.   Get comfortable being a little uncomfortable.