I Don’t Want YOU To Tell Me You’re Excellent

by Matt Geik

I don’t want YOU to tell me you’re excellent.

ferrari1Lately there’s been a lot of talk in the fraternity/sorority world about the importance and impact of being excellent.  Both as an individual and as an organization, this type of behavior ultimately results in people and organizations not only living out their values, but doing remarkable and revolutionary things.  I think we can all agree on that general philosophy.  So you’re probably asking yourself right now, “Matt, why don’t you want me to tell you that my organization is excellent?  That’s what we’re trying to be.”

Here’s the thing, if YOU have to tell me that your organization is excellent, you probably aren’t.

Think about it like this….You know that person in your dorm or your organization or your friend who always likes to tell stories that are about themselves and are about how great something is that they did?  Or that person who when you’re sharing a life experience story with they have to follow up with one of their own?  How do you normally feel and what do you usually think of after being around that person?  I’m guessing you’re thinking…”Man, I can’t stand hearing about how everything Taylor does is so great!”

If I’m a non-greek student on your campus, I’m tired of YOU telling me how great YOU are every time you talk to me.  Actually, I probably will start avoiding you when I know one of these encounters is about to happen.  What’s that, you want to chat me up at lunch?  Ooops, gotta run to go meet my study group for underwater basket weaving.

Are you asking yourself these questions right now?  “Well, Matt, if I don’t tell a non-greek about how excellent my organization is, how are they ever going to know?  If they don’t know, why would they want to join?”.

Here’s why:  When you and you’re organization are truly excellent.  You won’t have to tell anyone how excellent you are.  They’ll be having meaningful conversations with you because they already know.  They will know because you will have a reputation that precedes based off your actions, based off of the recommendations of others and based off of the name you have created for yourselves.

Let me drive home this idea with an example from the world of consumer goods for you.  In the automotive world there a few names that conjure up the idea of excellence, the idea of the best of the best, as soon as you hear or see their name.  I want you to simply ask yourself this question, “When was the last time I saw or heard an advertisement for the newest Ferrari?”  I’ll give you a second to think about it.  (Cue the Jeopardy music here….)

That’s right, you haven’t seen one have you?  So why do you KNOW that the red Ferrari that came to mind when you read that is such an excellent car?  Maybe its because of their logo: http://car-logos.50webs.com/wallpapers/ferrari.jpg .  Seems like the idea of being a horse isn’t just applicable in the world of recruitment.

If you want others to know of your excellence.  Don’t tell them about it.  Just go be a Ferrari.