How to Treat Others

by Branden Stewart

momentary-choicesI’ve been reading blogs via StumbleUpon lately. I’ve read how-to blogs on everything from how to live a happy life (I don’t like meditation) to how to write a 20 page research paper in one day (I bookmarked that one for later).  But the most fascinating blog post I’ve read lately relates directly back to our work at Phired Up: How to treat others.

Check it out here.

This blog has direct application to Social Excellence in college students today.  Challenge yourself to answer these questions:

Do you know the name of the cashier in line where you buy lunch each day?  What could becoming her friend do for her?  What could it do for you?

When was the last time you stopped during a busy moment on campus to help someone who looked lost or needed help?  Do you take notice of these people?

Does being a “poor college student” give you a good excuse to leave a small tip for great service? Do you graciously thank your server for their hard work?

Instead of complaining about the problems in your chapter, have you taken proactive steps to make things better? Are you a part of the problem or the solution?

The last time you signed up for community service hours, did you do it because you wanted to help, or because you were required to?

Stumbling upon this blog has challenged me to become a bit better at being the person who knows how to treat others. Has it done that for you too?

Remember, Social Excellence is built through momentary choices that, when repeated, lead to patterns of behavior.  Eventually, those patterns of behavior become a natural part of your lifestyle.  Make a momentary choice to treat others unexpectedly kind today.