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How To Make Formal Sorority Recruitment Easier in 1 Simple Step

by Jessica Gendron Williams

Honestly, we have a LOT of “easy steps” you could take (and some hard steps too) to help make sorority formal recruitment easier, but here’s one in particular we want every Panhellenic sorority community in the country to know about: Use CampusDirector.

We’re really proud to recommend to the whole sorority world that your community should utilize CampusDirector from TechniPhi as your formal recruitment management software. We believe in this tool, the team, and most importantly the direction of where CampusDirector is heading.

You might know by now that Phired Up bought CampusDirector late last fall and helped to form the new company, TechniPhi (read here for more info). Every year around formal recruitment season we see our Greek Advisor friends start posting on Facebook and Twitter about how EXASPERATED they are with the job of managing sorority formal recruitment. They post cries for help in the middle of the night and they’re always sure to name the software they’re using to manage the process. CampusDirector is included in some of those desperate pleas for help from the dark. We hear you friends. We hear you.

That’s why we formed TechniPhi and acquired CampusDirector. We believe that with Phired Up’s deep understanding of the sorority recruitment experience, the knowledge of our sorority recruitment experts, and some sweat equity, we can work to make sorority formal recruitment easier for everyone — easier for campus fraternity/sorority advisors, easier for Panhellenic communities, and easier for PNMs.

Now, we’re not magicians. It’s a big job to put the words “easy” and “sorority recruitment” in the same sentence. But that’s what we’re aiming for. We’ve already started to make some exciting improvements, and those have come from LISTENING TO YOU! Here are a handful of reasons we’re proud to promote CampusDirector for your use right away…

  • 24/7 tech support actually means 24/7 – TechniPhi provides excellent customer service for CampusDirector and they are open to all feedback concerning the software.
  • The CampusDirector team is constantly making upgrades and improvements that have been made because of feedback from YOU.
  • CampusDirector is the best priced tool on the market.
  • Ability to Email PNMs and Chapters directly from CampusDirector.
  • Ability for chapters to upload their invitation and flex lists from Excel.
  • Captures detailed reports on all rounds of recruitment that are downloadable.
  • Multiple scheduling options (PNMs with low invites, chapter geography, conflicts, etc.)
  • Easy to use Flexing for RFM Specialists.
  • Searchable Master List of all PNMs an their registration data.
  • It is the only recruitment software owned by the people (us) who are the #1 sorority recruitment educators on the continent!

I recommend you reach out to Ellen Chesnut at TechniPhi (she’s a Kappa Kappa Gamma from Iowa State). She can help you make the transition now so you’re ready for fall recruitment. What might be even easier is if you just click here to request a demo.