High Quality People

by Matt Mattson

ppt-workWe teach that membership organizations are made of members — therefore the quality of an organization is directly correlated to the quality of its members.  You want a high quality organization?  Get high quality members.  Plain and simple.

Let me provide a personal example.  The Phired Up team that I have the honor of working with are some of the most phenomenal individuals I’ve ever had the chance to meet.  It is hard to explain how lucky I am to be able to work with these rock stars.

Take Megan Moffett for example. Combine amazing work ethic with incomparable caring and you’ll end up with the ultimate Operations Coordinator.  We’ll catch Megan working late into the night, saying ‘yes’ to every possible job, and doing extra vital work that is absolutely creating from scratch the infrastructure of our company.  High quality people make high quality organizations.

Or consider Doug Sweeney.  An amazingly talented, driven, focused, workhorse with a flair for the dramatic.  This guy is on the road constantly doing secret-agent-style recruitment work and becoming legendary school by school.  He is writing the script to the epic saga of re-creating fraternity one man by one man through record-breaking numbers of handshakes, phone calls, interviews, presentations, and life-changing invitations for membership. High quality people make high quality organizations.

How about Jessica Gendron Williams.  Are you kidding me?  I get the privilege of working alongside the most sought-after sorority speaker in the world, and a woman who exemplifies our company’s mission?  She has almost single-handedly created and led the revolution of relationship-based, Dynamic sorority recruitment.  And she’s done so through being hilarious, bold, Socially Excellent, and most importantly… a breathtaking example for young women of self-confidence, humility, and strength.  High quality people make high quality organizations.

I’ll come back to this blog at another time, and let you in on how lucky I am to work with Matt Geik, Woody Woodcock, Colleen Coffey Melchiorre, Vince Fabra, Branden Stewart, Amelia Mieth, and of course my true friend and business partner, Josh…  They are equally phenomenal people who deserve to have their excellence celebrated just as much (I just couldn’t do it all in one blog).

For now, let me just say that our company is successful and I’m deeply proud of the work that we do — all that is because of the people that make up our company. I’m blessed to have a team of people I trust, I believe in, I’m proud to be associated with, and that I learn from everyday.  People better than me.

High quality people make high quality organizations.