Hard Work, Training… and a Little Faith.

For the past 2 and a half years KJ McNamara has been the resident Sorority Coaching Expert for Phired Up Productions.  We have had a lot of success stories working with sorority chapters. We have had chapters make quota for the first time in 10 years through formal recruitment.  We have had chapters climb in RFM ranking dramatically.  We have helped chapters attain campus total and keep it.

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We’re really proud of the work we’ve done providing long-term coaching support to sororities. KJ has received some powerful reviews from the women she’s impacted.

One Undergraduate woman student shared her experience, “KJ not only taught us how to recruit, but I feel like I learned a lot about the power of Greek Life and the responsibility we have as leaders to take control of our organization.”

A National Consultant we worked with on a project wrote to us, “It was very clear the impact KJ had on the chapter was a lasting one. During breaks between rounds throughout formal recruitment, I heard the women encouraging each other to ‘channel their inner KJ’ and reminding one another of your words.  The chapter had so much energy and it was just wonderful to see. KJ is doing amazing work.”

One VP of Recruitment said, “Our girls absolutely loved KJ’s work! During formal recruitment we saw some of our highest return rates ever and we ended up with an incredible pledge class! I believe that a lot of this improvement is thanks to her coaching. We were able to not only have meaningful conversations with PNMs, but also with sisters. This was by far one of our most successful recruitments! KJ really did make a huge difference in our chapter.”

So we asked KJ to share her secrets. How does she do it? When she works with a chapter as their coach, what does she do?

The answer, according to her, is pretty plain: “It takes a lot of hard work, hours of training, and most importantly a little faith!”

Here’s how KJ elaborated on the power of Phired Up’s coaching services for sororities.

Hard Work

“No one said a coaching partnership with Phired Up was going to be easy. Actually when we have our first conversation with a potential client we tell them that this is HARD work and we ask them if they’re ready?  There is no magic sprinkle fairy dust we have to give a chapter that will automatically get them out of their recruitment funk.  It takes years to turn around a chapter in a formalized recruitment structure.  YEARS! That is a lot of work.  Every single woman in that chapter better be on board to do something.  And the officers who sign up… they better be ready to commit to the serious relationship of Phired Up, because we will talk with each other more than you would with your significant other.

“Anyone who is willing do the work necessary to turn a chapter around can tremendously improve the membership.  But this is not a sprint, or a 5K it is a marathon… that lasts years.”

Hours of Training

“We know that the messages we teach in our Dynamic Recruitment workshop and Social Excellence training can get results, that is why we help our coaching partners not only understand it, but practice it, live it, and breathe it.  Our process works, but sometimes a one-day training is not enough to truly restructure your system.  We educate the chapters on the process, create the foundation for success through our distance coaching, then re-evaluate what went wrong and educate again.  At the end of our coaching curriculum, our clients could teach us about Social Excellence and Dynamic Recruitment!

“Not only does it take training, but someone has to be there to work through the hiccups and speed bumps that rise up on the tricky road to success.  That is what the coach is for.”

A Little Faith
“The biggest problem I have seen is women who stop believing in themselves.  They are not motivated to do work because they have been told through numbers, grading, percentages, or whatever other way they receive feedback… that their sorority is not ‘good.’  But I beg to differ.  I FIRMLY believe that even our sororities who might not be meeting reporting requirements, membership numbers or national standards are still providing a life changing experience for their members.  They are still giving each member a group of friends who will support them, pick them up, push them and inspire them.  This is the whole point of sorority, and any organization who does that is a ‘good’ sorority in my opinion.  Sometimes we have to help the women see the amazing work they do everyday without trying.”

How do you know if your chapter is ready for coaching? Do you have a chapter full of hard workers who need a better system that helps you work smarter not harder? Are you a group of high quality women who need extra support to get you through a few speed bumps in the process? Is your chapter capable but you need someone dedicated to your success who will hold you accountable? Do you provide an amazing experience for your women but have a hard time finding the courage to talk about that?

Interested in getting a recruitment coach for your chapter? Go here.

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