Great Posts from Phi Delta Theta

phi_delta_theta_crest2The team at Phired Up Productions has been highly impressed with the way that Phi Delta Theta Fraternity has been leading the fraternity/sorority movement in the usage of technology to educate, recruit for, and organize their organization.  Their website and social media usage is something for many of us to learn from. 

Check out a couple of recent blog posts that are particularly applicable to recruitment…


Using Technology in Your Recruitment Efforts by Steve Good

In today’s world, those who do not adapt to technological change will be left behind.  Companies who do not embrace new technologies to reach their customers will eventually fall behind tech-savvy companies determined to acquire market share through today’s technological platforms.

You know what these platforms are – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, iPhone applications, wikis for solving issues, etc.

It seems like everywhere we go now, companies, organizations, politicians, athletes, and many other entities are promoting their presence on these platforms.  Some do it well but others seem to just do it because everyone else is doing it.  Those doing it well have a distinct strategy behind why they spend time developing content to share through these platforms. 



Recruit Smarter, Not Harder by Dustin Struble

Let me just throw this out there:  Rush sucks.

It is exhausting, expensive and time-consuming.  Most importantly it is used as a crutch by many chapters, relying on potential new members to come to us rather than seeking out the top men on campus.  Should we do away with rush?  Of course not.  Rush is a great opportunity to introduce potential new members that you have been year-round recruiting as well as showcase the fraternity to men that are first considering fraternity membership.  However, rush should be the icing on the cake, not the end all be all.  Similarly, the amount of time the chapter spends focused on rush should proportionate to other methods of recruitment.

Unquestionably, every campus and Greek community is different.  However, here are some time-tested recruitment tactics that if used will yield positive results: