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Get a Jump Start on Summer Recruitment!

By: Vince Fabra

You’re almost there! You’ve been working hard since mid-August. That’s not a light at the end of the tunnel. That is the summer sun, and it gets brighter with each passing day.

Rather than coast through this next month or two, how can you and your chapter get a jump start on summer recruitment?

Here are the top 5 ways to grow your names list before summer break.

1. Focus on leads from last fall and spring. Do you remember all of those potential joiners that told you they“needed some time to think” or “just wanted to wait a semester?” Those few names should be at the top of your list going into the summer. Connect with those folks, take them to lunch, and be their friend. Reigniting those relationships can be very helpful to your recruitment effort.

2. Sorority/Fraternity Presentations. Try to schedule an announcement during the next chapter meeting of an organization that you’re close with. Chances are, with the semester/quarter winding down, there might be an opening. This is where you ask for help. Inquire about high quality rising sophomores or incoming first year students that they know. A great presentation can yield 50+ new leads. Be humble and be prepared. Have note cards and pens ready to pass out to each member. Dress professionally. Do your homework on the chapter, and try to be in and out of there in under seven minutes.

3. Mind Joggers. We typically don’t get results when we ask our brothers/sisters to generate leads. That’s because there is a rotating sheet of paper that is passed around at chapter meeting, and our members are too busy snapping to write any names down. The Mind Joggers activity will help get those members writing names down. Here is a video and a worksheet to help.

4. Campus Involvement. Grab an activities calendar, go look at a bulletin board, or check the social media pages for the Student Activities Council. What are the 3-5 events/activities that are taking place before summer break? Can you and your members attend and make friends? Can you and a few of your members volunteer to help plan, set up, and break down the event? BONUS: Can you create a partnership without asking for anything in return? You just want to help!

5. Chapter Scholarship Application. Let’s properly manage our funds. The best recruiting chapters have a Scholarship for incoming first year students. Rather than spending thousands on burgers, t-shirts, and minor league baseball tickets, these chapters set aside $500-$1000 for a scholarship. When executed well, there are hundreds of applicants, which can lead to dozens of new members. Check out this template.

If you try one or two of these, you’ll be in good shape. If you try three or four, you’ll be set up for success. Try all five and I have no doubt that your chapter will exceed your recruitment goals. Stay tuned to Phired Up for helpful tips over the summer.