Gather The Horses

by Matt Mattson

At Phired Up we teach organizational leaders to Gather Your Horses and Get to Work.  And right now horses are gathering.

horses-gallopSomewhere in Ohio this week about 25 fraternity/sorority professionals (some serious workhorses) are gathering together at something called The Gathering.  These professionals (including Phired Up’s own Josh Orendi and Jessica Gendron Williams), according to the host organization, AFLV, “intend to bring about compelling questions, powerful thinking, and revolutionary action to transform and bring relevance to the fraternal movement. We plan to lead and chart an intentional course that inspires all of us to act entrepreneurial in thought, word, and deed.  We call upon fraternities and sororities to become the most trusted organizations.”

That’s pretty inspiring stuff.

Later this week Phired Up is gathering its own horses for the company’s annual staff meeting.  We will enjoy each other’s company, network with our friends and colleagues, and determine how best to achieve our Reason for Being and Values.  We will gather our horses and determine how best to change the world together.

Our good friends over at Campuspeak are having their annual meeting they call The Huddle this week with all of their professional speakers.  Another group of workhorses dedicated to the cause of making the world a better place.

That’s a lot of horses gathering this week.

Do you have horses to gather?  Should you be getting in on this big round up?

The summer provides a great time for many organizations to gather their best talent, bring together the dedicated few, summon the revolutionary brigade, call in the cavalry and plan for the upcoming year. 

But if you do gather, don’t just talk.  The thing about horses — real horses — is that they don’t talk (Mr. Ed notwithstanding).  They are powerful, graceful, active performers.  They do.  Talk doesn’t get you much.  Action does.  Be a horse.

So, gather your horses.  Get to work.  We are.