Fraternity Recruitment Calls

You added 150 names to your Names List this week? Awesome!

Now what?

Call them or text them. Invite them to spend time with you and your brothers. Small activities are a good idea. Don’t overthink it. Recruitment is a relationship business, and you can’t build relationships without spending time with prospects… Also, you can’t spend time with prospects if you don’t invite them to spend time with you.

First, try calling… Below you’ll find an example of what an effective and efficient fraternity recruitment call would sound like.

They didn’t answer? No surprise. People don’t answer their phone as often anymore (but it’s worth trying). Anyway, send them a text message. An example of what that might look like is below too.

The goal is simple: FACE TO FACE MEETING. You can’t recruit who you don’t know, and people join people. These examples are built to help you get through the obstacles that exist to face to face interactions. Good luck!

Phone Call Scripttext_edited