Food/Recruitment Pyramid (And FORMAL RECRUITMENT PREP PACK Announcement)

by Shira Tober

Let’s think of recruitment as the Food Pyramid.  The foods at the bottom are the ones that should be most frequently consumed and the top are the consumed sporadically.  Meeting more people and making more friends is at the bottom of the Recruitment Pyramid, or otherwise known as the foundation.  And for women, the cherry on top is Formal Recruitment.

Here’s why the cherry is on top:  it only happens in small amounts (once a year), its great at getting women who are interested in sororities into sororities, and the success of Formal Recruitment is reliant on the mastery of the bottom tiers, i.e. RELATIONSHIPS & VALUES.

Still, it can be delicious if done right.

sorority-recruitment-pyramid1 ANNOUNCEMENT: Later this summer the Women’s Division of Phired Up Productions will be releasing a new Formal Recruitment resource to help chapters prepare for formalized recruitment.  The Formal Recruitment Prep Pack will include books, Dare Cards, activities, challenges, and step-by-step instructions to make sure chapters having a solid recruitment foundation and work their way up the Recruitment Pyramid to the cherry on top, a successful Formal Recruitment.

If you want more information about the Formal Recruitment Prep Pack or how you can purchase it for your chapters, E-mail .