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Focus Fraternal Research on Growth

If you are a graduate student, a driven undergraduate, or a professional of any sort related to the fraternity/sorority movement, please consider conducting thoughtful research on issues that impact our movement’s potential to GROW (and share that research publicly).

For some reason, most research done about or for fraternities and sororities has nothing to do with a primary NEED of our organizations – growth.

Look at the most recent issue of Oracle, the “Research Journal of the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors” to find any research being done directly about how to grow fraternity/sorority membership.  Heck, look back at the last 12 issues and see if you can spot the one (yes 1) article directly written about growing fraternity/sorority membership. That is one article in the last 78 published by Oracle.

We need academics, graduate students, and inter/national organizations to fund, engage in, and execute a LOT more data-gathering about how best to attract and retain the best students for our membership. Over the last 150+ years or so of the fraternal experience, it is amazing what we have not yet learned about the most basic need of our organizations — attracting more members.

We’re proud of the research work we’re doing at Phired Up.  We’re really just getting started. We’re looking for help, too. Let’s all work together on growth focused research for fraternities and sororities.

This post is meant to bolster conversation about growth in our industry.  Reach out to the best researchers you know. Connect with CSCF. Call Colleen on our team. Talk with fellow students, academics, advisors.  We have important work to do and thousands (millions?) of college students that deserve and desire fraternity/sorority.