Final Four Names Driver (Basketball AND Hockey)

Hey Sports Fans!

March Madness is almost over with The Final Four being finalized over the weekend!
Congrats to Villanova, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Syracuse.

Now, Let me ask you a question… Is your bracket busted?

Chances are, there are so many busted brackets on your campus. Wouldn’t it be nice to give those March Madness maniacs a second chance? That is what we’re offering in this week’s Names Driver.

Print out the PDF file linked at the bottom of this post, cut the page into 1/4’s and give people a second chance to nail their bracket (while simultaneously collecting names and growing your names list)! This is a great opportunity to squeeze the last bit of recruitment potential out of this semester. AND this is a great way to begin building relationships for summer/fall recruitment.

REMEMBER: You cannot recruit who you don’t know. So get out there and get to know some more people with the “March Sadness: Bracket Redemption”.

BONUS: If your campus prefers the frozen ice over the hardwood, we’ve also included a “Frozen Four: Men’s Div I Ice Hockey” Bracket.

Upcoming Schedule
Semi-Final Games: Saturday, April 2nd.
Final: Monday, April 4th.

Semi-Final Games: Thursday, April 7th
Final: Saturday, April 9th

March Madness Names Driver

Frozen Four Names Driver