Fall Recruitment Planning in 5 Easy Questions

dr-full-color-copy by Matt Mattson

Still not sure what your fall recruitment plan looks like?  Want to make sure you’ve thought of everything? There are a lot of considerations that go into a great plan, but you can simplify the whole process by answering (in as much detail as possible), these 5 questions.

  1. How will you build your Names List ?
  2. How will you build meaningful relationships between the people on your Names List and your organization’s members?
  3. How will you objectively evaluate prospective members’ qualification for membership using your values — how will you choose new members? (Related blogs: here , here , and here .)
  4. How will you "close " prospects (how will you gain their deep commitment to joining)?
  5. How will you represent your values throughout everything you do to try to attract a high quantity of high quality people to your cause?

Boy oh boy do I have a lot more detail to add under and around each one of those questions.  But if you focus on answering those five questions with as much creativity, detail, and effectiveness as possible, you’ll be on the right track. Hint: The right answers might not be the answers your group has come up with in the past.

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