Fall Recruitment Is Here (random thoughts)!

by Matt Mattson

It has been such a pleasure in recent weeks as we've come back to school with many of you. Phired Up's men's and women's programming has been busy preparing Greeks on campuses all over the country to succeed during this fall's busy recruitment time. We've already visited schools this fall from coast to coast sharing the message of Dynamic Recruitment. Thanks to all of you who have already committed to greatness.

I just finished a great day with the students at Georgia Southern University. Josh Orendi and Jessica Gendron just presented in North Carolina, and Colleen was at another midwest school… ALL TODAY! If you're a regular reader of Phired Up's blog and publications, you should be excited to know that you're a part of a fast growing movement to revolutionize the traditionally static recruitment processes we're used to. Help us keep the movement growing. Help us revolutionize the fraternity/sorority world.

If you're a fan of Dynamic Recruitment, and you've heard these messages before, we hope you’ll do these three things to keep the revolution growing…

1. Share one of our books with someone who hasn't read it, and discuss it with them as they skim through it.

2. Give a short presentation to your chapter members about the importance of first just meeting people. Remember, “you can't recruit who you don't know.”

3. Talk with your campus Greek Life professionals and organization's headquarter's staff members about getting Phired Up's Dynamic Recruitment messages out to more of your brothers and sisters.

We also just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you LUCK and SUCCESS, and remind you of the great resources that are out there…

Don't forget about the books on fraternity and sorority recruitment. These are great gifts for your newest members.

Check out again the RECRUITMENT IDEAS & SUCCESS STORIES Facebook group. There are over 1500 dynamically recruitment fraternity and sorority members from all over the country actively engaged in that group.

Here's a new book I'm reading right now that I think fits really well with thinking about innovative ways to do recruitment. Free Prize Inside, by Seth Godin.

Something that I feel like has been a very important part of our curriculum lately has been the Values-Based Selection Process. Check out our free resources page for a sample of that.

You might also be considering bringing Phired Up to your campus. If so, check out these videos of recent programs.

Have a great beginning of the fall, and keep doing the little things to drive a higher quantity of higher quality members into our greater fraternity/sorority community.

Thanks for your hard work!

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