Expansion Pros: Are You a Tiger?

by Woody Woodcock

How Tiger Woods can teach us to be better at the "Art" of expansion & recruitment — this post is particularly targeted toward fraternity/sorority expansion professionals (who we're doing a lot of work with lately), but smart undergraduate recruiters will see its application for them as well.

As I listened to the radio this weekend my mind began to dream and consider top professionals like Tiger Woods… and how we as recruitment professionals can learn from him. This weekend I listened intently via Sirius radio to the final round of the WGC Bridgestone Invitational. Tiger Woods defeated one of the strongest fields for the second week in a row as he won his 70th tournament on the PGA Tour. For those of you who don't play golf this might be hard to put into perspective but that's freaking amazing people!!! You have to be "stupid good" and truly blessed to win that many times. 

This accomplishment while impressive is not shocking to me because of the fanatical preparation Tiger puts into each tournament. He seeks knowledge of past performances by asking questions to past champions and watching old video to get a read on the greens. He talks to his coach Hank Haney about defining what he needs to do to execute physically. Then he practices real game time situations he might face during the tournament week (in expansion terms: cold calling, student org. presentation, meeting with a campus staff person). The final and probably most important piece is the mental preparation where he doesn't just show up to play, he shows up to WIN each week. 

This is where my thoughts got interesting… What would happen if expansion staffers prepared/executed their plan both physically and mentally for fall/spring expansions like Tiger Woods does a PGA tournament? 

I realize not everyone has the talent and resources of Tiger, but seriously people what resources and training are you doing to prepare yourselves to WIN in 2009/2010? Over the past few months I have talked to a number of expansion professionals about the level of training they receive or the thought process for selecting a solid campus. The results may shock you, but stay tuned for the next blog post where we will begin with the pre-site visit. A little back story preview… I was recently asked to coach a fraternity staff on how to approach preparing for a fall project. So we loaded up the cars and went out to practice. Tune in to find out what we learned and how you can WIN like Tiger in 2009/2010!