#DynamicRecruitment (Fraternity Recruitment via Twitter)

[Guest Blog Post from Adam Hughes, a graduate student at Western Carolina University.]

Editor’s Note: This blog was submitted to us by someone who obviously understands the power of RELATIONSHIPS in recruitment, and was willing to try some advanced relationship-building techniques with potential members. We always appreciate guest submissions, and this one is fantastic!



Okay, so you already know the basics, how to A.C.E. Your Values, and Get Motivated to recruit (if you don’t read Phired Up’s books). You already know where to go to find guys to recruit for your fraternity, how to remember their names, keep the conversation going, and so on.

But what if I told you there was  a place where you could go to recruit potentially hundreds of guys, oh, and all without leaving your computer? Sounds intriguing, right? It’s a place you’ve probably heard of… maybe even you’ve used it… just not for recruitment purposes.

I’m talking, of course, about Twitter. You see, along with those 140 character tweets, comes an opportunity to reach out to potential new members, even right this minute, and start the conversation that will change their lives.

Not convinced? See how easy it is to recruit with the examples below:

  • This is the first brother I recruited on twitter. In fact, this was my very first tweet to him!
  • Now, what do you notice? What does he say, and what is (or is not) in my response to him?
  • People like this who are interactive with you are a good sign. Click that follow button. You could have something going here!

After a few tweets back and forth, I seize on the opportunity:

  • Again, notice how the conversation goes. “Oh, you like _________? That’s so cool! So do we! You should come check it out!”
  • Further on down the conversation, notice how I set a specific time and place to meet. Somewhere where he knows… in this case, our student union.
  • Keep the dialogue going, and follow up with him to confirm those plans!

Keep in mind that results will vary. Not everyone will be conversational with you on twitter, or even get back to you. That’s okay. Remember, you’re focusing on the maybe-joiners! So, be on the hunt until you can find that guy that talks to you. Take this next example:

  • Again, very similar to the first example. What is and is not mentioned?
  • Typically, this will be your very first conversation with a potential new member. Reach out and get to know him before that pre-close!
  • If he needs something (like someone to hang out with, or some study help), reach out to him and offer that helping hand! Take the below example:

  • Here’s an example of a pre-close, in this case, on this same guy. Keep in mind this wasn’t the very next tweet to him.
  • For that reason, it’s recommended you keep the conversations going, or identify a need and seize on it, as noted in the first link above. If things are going well, move on to this next phase!
  • In this situation, I also recommended offering to give him your phone number (in a direct message, of course!) if you haven’t already in case he can’t find you.
  • Again, not every interaction will end up this way, and that’s okay. You have to be persistent, but not overly annoying. The earlier you start, the better chance you have of turning these guys into brothers!

And finally, if you’re trying to recruit an incoming college freshmen (and who isn’t?):

  • What do you see? Again, first tweet to an incoming freshmen, over the summer, before he was even on campus! How cool is that?
  • You’ll also notice I mentioned someone else in that tweet. After some quick digging, I found out that was his roommate. Yup, I went for two on this one!
  • Notice the hashtag he uses. I’ll come back to that in a bit.

Now, let’s get ready to change his life for the better:

  • Now, what do you notice I do? Seize an opportunity, and be specific on when and where to meet!

Pretty cool, huh? After that, it’s in your hands. You’ve established face-to-face contact. You’ve got his number. You have everything you need to turn a potential new member into a brother!

Where do you find such people in the first place? Easy. Just use twitter’s search function. Type in your school. What do you see? People are talking about it! What’s going on now? People are getting accepted! A simple search for “accepted to _______” will confirm that fact.

As you get into the spring, who’ll be talking about your school the most? Incoming freshmen! Not only that, they’ll start using hashtags like in the case above (such as #wcu18, in my case), so start searching for that. Wow! What a list of potential new members. Start following them. I started doing this with my personal account, though now I use our chapter twitter account to do so in some instances (here’s a very recent example). I’ve found that both generally achieve the same result, so long as you remain conversational, and follow-up on their needs. You can promote your chapter via the hashtag (see example), but you won’t get results if you don’t keep it personal.

So, start using the power of twitter today. You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Since I know you recruit year-round already, why start now?