Dynamic Recruitment… Sorority Style!

by Jessica Gendron

It's an exciting time for the Phired Up Women's Division. We have experienced great success since the release of our women's book, I Heart Recruitment, in early May. We are receiving rave reviews from undergraduate sorority women, campus professionals, and Inter/National sorority officers and headquarters professionals alike. They love the ideas in the book, but especially that it's easy to read and understand. There are practical examples and resources in every section of the book that the undergraduate women love!

Likewise, our Dynamic Recruitment Training for Women has taken off quickly with great success. Since February of 2007 we have done over 20 women's training programs at campuses all over the country. The Dynamic Recruitment Training for Women is centered upon the ideas in I Heart Recruitment and our Dynamic Recruitment model. 

A typical one-day program takes between 5 and 7 hours broken down into three parts. The first part, our main session, is a brief overview of our main concepts for the entire sorority community in a fun, high energy environment. The second and third parts are designed for a smaller group of around 50 women (equal representation from each group). In the second part, the women go through Intensive Skills Training. We go in-depth into the concepts from the book, the Dynamic Recruitment model, and teach them the skills and the process necessary to recruit a higher quantity of higher quality women. The third part is the Action Planning session. Sorority chapters will spend time in a guided action planning activity to develop their own plan toward Dynamic Recruitment.

In the second and third sessions we provide workbooks for to up to 50 participants and a large fold-out Action Planning template for each chapter.

We are really enjoying seeing how well the women are responding to our curriculum and general message. The portions of the curriculum that have been particularly exciting to our audiences this fall have been *Features vs. Benefits, *Quantity Drives Quality, *Quality Response Guide, *Five Shopping Secrets, *Static vs. Dynamic Recruitment, *Small Normal Friend Activities, *Five Fab Ways to Master a Conversation, and of course, *S.P.A.M. 

It's an exciting time for women's recruitment. A revolution is beginning.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Phired Up releases Dynamic Recruitment: Women's Workbook (and a new look for the Dynamic Recruitment: Men's Workbook)


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