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Don’t Recruit For You. Recruit For Them. LET’S GROW!

Remember that moment when someone in your chapter gave you the gift of Greek Life?

Remember that moment when you accepted your invitation for membership, joined a group of people who pledged to love and support you, and started your journey toward becoming a better human being through the power of fraternity/sorority?  That was an amazing moment in our life, and I am sure it turned out to be a pretty life-changing moment in your life too.  We should create that moment more often for more people.  What are we waiting for? Let’s Grow.

Seriously though, what are we waiting for?  It is time to grow.  It is time to offer the life-changing gift of membership to more deserving people. We owe it to them to unselfishly choose to actively push for major growth throughout the fraternal movement.

There are hundreds — maybe thousands — of students on your campus that what want what you have: a group of brothers or sisters who are committed to shepherding each other through college, challenging each other to be greater than they were yesterday, and working with each other to make the world a better place together. Give that life changing gift to more people. They deserve it.

The priority of any recruitment process must be shifted to the non-Greek students that deserve and desire the fraternal experience. They should be who we care most about.  We should be pushing as hard as we can to find ways to give our gift of membership to more of the best students. It’s our responsibility to do so – for their sake.

Increased and open expansion/extension, aggressively pursuing culturally-based options for students who would value it, empowering prospective members with information and preparation prior to the recruitment experience to help them make informed decisions,  inserting intentional growth into the strategies of culturally-based groups, and most importantly teaching and implementing a systematic process to actually practice year-round recruitment, selection, intake, and education of new members – as you think about your recruitment PROCESS, put the potential members at its core.

Change someone’s life today with a handshake that could lead to lifelong membership in your fraternity or sorority. LET’S GROW!