Do You Have Questions?

by Matt Mattson?

What is the best question you’ve asked someone so far today?  Is there anything that can affect change more than a well-timed, well thought-out, well-delivered question?  Don’t you think you should ask more and better questions?

Would you like to know some questions that can help you start conversations and be socially excellent?  What’s your story?  How’s your day been so far?  This is great, don’t you think?  Am I in the right place?  Do you understand this stuff?  Can I help you with that?  Do we know each other?  Are you as excited about this as I am?  Did you see that show last night?  Are you a fan of this stuff?  What’s the deal with that?  Would you mind if I borrowed that for a second? Do you have any recommendations for fun things to do around here?  Do you mind if I sit here?  Is it really this time of year already?  Would it be o.k. if I complimented you on something?  Could you help me with something really quick?    Could I ask you a question?

How would you like to also have some questions to help coach, lead, and advise the organizations you work with?  First, have you seen  this and this?  What is your organization trying to accomplish this year?  What are you about?  How are you changing the world?  What are you working on today?  If you were advising your group, what would you recommend?  What will you commit to today?  When will that be completed, exactly?  How will I know when you’ve fulfilled your commitment?  How are you measuring your progress?  What do you have control over in this situation?  Does this match up with the person you want to be?  How are you going beyond the call of duty today?  How proud are you of your organization today?  How do you want to be remembered?  What is the legacy you’re leaving?  If your organization was perfect, how would it look different?  What are the questions you should be asking your members?

Are you going to the AFA Annual Meeting?  Would you like know about a pretty cool program we’ll be doing called, “Do You Have Questions”?  What if an entire educational session was delivered in question format?  What could you learn about the power of questions?  What percentage of sentences that you speak each day are questions?  How would increasing the amount and quality of questions you ask every day impact your effectiveness at work?  What role do questions play in coaching our students?  Would your students respond more to questions or advice?  Will you come to this session prepared with at least 25 of your most effective questions for use in advising and coaching students?  Did you notice anything strange about this program description?