Danny Ocean’s Recruitment Plan

by Doug Sweeney

So I read Vince’s blog on how taking care of recruitment is like properly brushing my teeth.  Seems like something I should do every day (both recruitment and oral care). If you’re like me you may think, man… recruiting ALL year round for 365 days is the way to go! … but if you’re like me before I really understood Dynamic Recruitment, it may seem like A LOT of work.

Both are true.  Being a Dynamic Recruiter means that you are constantly reaching out to others and connecting people to your organization.  It means that you’re shaking hands, making phone calls, and building relationships constantly.  But trust me, it’s fun and it is worth it.

When your chapter applies Dynamic Recruitment to its culture, your organization will grow with a higher number of higher quality members.  Over time people will notice.  When your competition takes notice of your success in using Dynamic Recruitment, they will mark you.  As a marked man/woman, others will take notice of what you are doing, what you are saying and who you are talking to.  You’ll be targeted.  They’ll be watching.

11This reminds me of Ocean’s 11. Awesome movie.

Daniel Ocean has this plan to break into the vault of Terry Benedict’s casinos.  He assembles 10 others to rally around his cause.  He’s got people and purpose.  Yet as his plan unfolds, his target Terry Benedict, takes notice of Ocean and issues a hotel red flag on him so his every move on the casino floor is tracked.  But it’s too late.  Ocean’s plan is already in place no matter what Terry tries to do, he can’t stop Ocean’s 11 from taking his money.

Once you set the Dynamic Recruitment system in motion, you’ll be unstoppable.  Others on campus will mark you, target you, and track your every move… meanwhile you can go have a drink with Julia Roberts — you get the idea.  The system will work if you put the system in place.

As others watch you walking around, chatting with friends, meeting new people, and just being plain awesome all the time… remember that nobody can stop a Dynamic Recruiter.  Nobody can stop you from creating a large Names List of non-Greek students on your campus.  Nobody can stop you, and your selected team of workhorses (if you have Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, and/or Matt Damon in your chapter, all the better) from contacting prospects and inviting them to a small activity.  Nobody can stop you from having deep conversations about the dream of your organization.  So they can’t stop you from getting the best of the best students on campus… and looking like an Oscar-winning movie star doing it.  So get to work Danny Ocean!  And let the rest of the campus enjoy the show.