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This time of year keeps many of our staff members busy on the road attending undergraduate student conferences, and we LOVE interacting with students from across the country! One of the most popular questions we get is: “How can you help us do a better job with growth on my campus or in my chapter?”

We’ve got many ways to help your chapter, council, or community grow, and one of the first tools we point students to is our FREE RESOURCES. That’s right, we give away A TON of incredibly helpful tools to help you get started RIGHT AWAY on seeing incredible growth results!

Need more help? Let us know! We’d love to work with you to help get you “on system” to become a high performing fraternity/sorority chapter, council, or community! Reach out to us today at


About Phired Up Productions: Phired Up Productions helps fraternities and sororities grow. The company’s products, services, and brands are creating the future of fraternities and sororities by transforming the way people join. The company delivers relationship-focused, data-driven, results-producing TECHNOLOGY, EDUCATION, and STRATEGY solutions for every aspect of the pre-member experience from first-impression through initiation.