Can’t Miss Recruitment Tactic: Guess The Super Bowl Score

One of our all-time favorite fraternity recruitment tactics is primed and ready to go for you again this year.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Download and print a bunch of copies of this score card: SB50-scorecard (shout out to our friend Bradley Charlesworth for whipping it up this year).
  2. Set up a table in a high traffic area of campus (or wander around with a clipboard). We’ve done this outdoors “on the quad” or in a dining hall with GREAT results.
  3. Stop everyone you see and say, “Want to guess the score of the Super Bowl? We’re giving out a $100 prize to the winner. It’s just for fun.”
  4. While they’re filling out the score card, strike up a conversation. Football is an easy topic. Super Bowl memories is another fun one.
  5. After they’ve finished, we recommend inviting them to come watch the Super Bowl with you and your friends. An alcohol-free event will attract the highest caliber young students to actually attend. Tell them to bring their friends.
  6. Add all your names to ChapterBuilder (or your chapter’s Names List). P.S. you can actually build a form in ChapterBuilder to replace the score card if you’d prefer.
  7. Follow up with all your new leads. Invite them to play football with you, watch football with you, or do other things that have nothing to do with football.

Have fun!