How CampusDirector is Responding

How CampusDirector is Adapting to COVID-19

CONTACT: Ellen Chesnut
Carmel, Ind. — Phired Up and TechniPhi have been paying close attention to the changing dynamic of the fraternity/sorority industry and campus environments resulting from the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We truly appreciate our partnerships with campuses using TechniPhi’s recruitment technology, CampusDirector.
Earlier this month we posted this blog that promotes additional questions to consider asking PNMs during the registration process.  We have seen several communities adopt these questions on their registration form and start educating their chapters on how to benefit from this additional information.
In our conversations with campus communities across the country, we’ve observed that task forces have been created, contingency plans are in the works, and experiments with virtual rounds are starting to take form.  We our proud to say that when our partners come to us with ideas and feedback, we have always done our best to implement that feedback.  During this time of uncertainty, that is no exception.  That is why we have created three additional features for our campus partners to benefit from as they adapt to a different style of recruitment:
PNM Video Link Field
Wanting PNMs to share an introduction video? The new Video Link Field will allow PNMs to input a video link that will appear and be accessible through the MasterList. Additionally, it will be available in the PNM Information tab of MyVote for chapters leveraging that technology.
Video Conferencing Links in Schedules
Are you doing virtual rounds? Do you need an easy way to share video links in a PNM schedules? CampusDirector now allows the Council Admin an ability to input a video link for each chapter (Setup > Site Setup > Chapter List). This link will populate on the PNM’s schedule in the “Video Link” column. The button entitled “Link” will appear for each chapter, and PNMs can click on it and be taken to the conferencing room that was inputted on the Chapter List.
PNM Companion App
Worried about cleaning computer labs or large groups entering in priorities? CampusDirector has you covered with the PNM Companion App. This app will allow PNMs to enter their priorities on their phone. They can also access schedules, resources, and videos shared by the Council; the council still has the ability to turn access on or off and to require passcodes.
“It’s important as a technology company focused on transforming the way members join our organizations to adapt to an uncertain environment and help our partners be able to continue to successfully manage recruitment,” said Ellen Chesnut, TechniPhi’s Vice President. “Whether that be through new features or support, taking care of our clients will remain our number one priority.”
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