Calling All Sorority Recruitment Counselor Stories

by KJ McNamara

rcs Sorority recruitment counselors change lives. The women who volunteer and selflessly step into the role of guiding potential members through the process of sorority recruitment have the opportunity to generously, deeply, and lastingly change the lives of young women forever.

How have you seen recruitment counselors change lives?

Here at Phired Up we have been working with fraternity and sorority recruitment for 10 years.  We provide recruitment products and training for all members (Dynamic Recruitment & Social Excellence programs), recruitment coaching for chapter leaders (Dynamic Recruitment, M.D. ), research about fraternity/sorority recruitment, and now even recruitment preparation for potential members (iValU/weValU ).   We have literally touched all aspects of the recruitment process on campuses all over North America.  Almost.  There is another group that we’re excited to offer resources for starting THIS YEAR!

Later this summer we will be releasing a resource guide built specifically for your Panhellenic community’s RECRUITMENT COUNSELORS!  This manual will include intensive training ideas, tools and worksheets.  It also creates a structure for the RC’s interaction with her PNM’s throughout the week of recruitment.  This will be a necessary tool for every Panhellenic officer and recruitment counselor.  If you want more information about the RC manual or how you can purchase it for your community, E-mail .

Here’s where we need YOUR HELP!  We are collecting stories you have as college women, professionals, volunteers, or anyone who works with recruitment counselors for that matter.  We want to hear about the amazing RC’s you have experienced, some of the relevant issues RC’s experience; we want to know about the fatal flaws of the RC training systems we are currently using.  Literally, if you have an RC story you would like to share we want to hear about it!  This is a call for everyone everywhere to share their story about being a recruitment counselor, about your recruitment counselor, or about training recruitment counselors.  Please E-mail all stories, comments, or ideas related to recruitment counselors to .

We want to hear it from you.  Thanks for your help, and look forward to the new RECRUITMENT COUNSELOR resource later this summer!