Beta Theta Pi’s 6th Recruitment Step

by Matt Mattson

We deeply respect Beta Theta Pi Fraternity.  I know many colleagues in our fraternity/sorority field share that sentiment.  We look to Beta as an organization that consistently leads with integrity and continually delivers fraternity with excellence. 

Our partners at the NIC just posted a blog on how Beta has adapted the NIC’s proven 5 Step Recruitment Process by adding a sixth step, and I had to immediately look into it.  As expected, some great stuff on recruitment can be found if you read what I read.

Here is the blog post from the NIC.  Here is the magazine article from Beta Theta Pi (pgs. 14-17).

You should read those.

Below are some highlights from what I read…

  • First, here are the NIC’s 5 Steps plus the new one from Beta: 1) Meet him. 2) Make him a friend. 3) Introduce him to your friends. 4) Evaluate him against standards. 5) Introduce him to the fraternity. 6) Ask him to join.
  • The new “6th Step” Beta is teaching is “Evaluate Him Against Standards.”  Love it.  Sounds like a Values-Based Selection Process to me.  I absolutely love when organizations and people I respect are teaching messages that are consistent to ours and doing it in their own way.  Here are some other areas of agreement.
  • Quantity Drives Quality. From the article, “The phrase we should be embracing is ‘Quantity Drives Quality’ which simply means the more people we meet in a meaningful, quality way, the more selective we can be.”
  • From the article, “People join people.  Not brochures, not T-shirts, not parties, and certainly not websites. People join people. Period.”
  • The way Phil Fernandez and Allen Hardin (authors) open the article about wasted money is beautiful.  Makes me want to high five them the next time we see each other (by the way, the project Phil’s doing at University of Michigan this year is worth watching if you’re interested in cutting edge expansion — actually all of Beta’s projects are worth watching).

There are more highlights throughout… mostly I wanted to give some props to our friends over at Beta Theta Pi.  They’re good.