Audience Awareness (Watch this!)

by Josh Orendi

It’s easy to focus on recruitment for one week. It’s easy to put all our energy into a rush list of probable joiners. It’s easy to spend most of our time on the couple dozen prospects that express interest early on.


Socially excellent chapters do more than call recruitment “365/24/7″ they live it with an acute awareness of their surroundings. Every person in our environment provides us an opportunity to showcase our genuine curiosity and desire to improve the lives of those within our community (in small and large ways). Opportunity walks by us, sits next to us, holds a door, stands in line, and sits alone dozens of times every day.

With headphones blocking our ears, sun glasses over our eyes, fingers typing on our cell phone, and our mind either drifting through time or focused on our next destination … so many opportunities “moon walk” right past us. Choosing to be socially excellent is choosing to be aware.