As the season changes what needs to change in us?

By Woody Woodcock, Head Coach of Phired Up Productions

[Woody coaches HQ staff members and chapter leaders to become great members and great recruiters.]

Many of the high performing people and teams I coach have gotten this question in October: As the season changes, what needs to change in us?

When I ask this question I usually get some silence that follows.  Many people were not expecting this frank question, nor have they taken the time to think about what they want to change.

Right now I believe many people have gotten too busy to think, too overwhelmed by schedule, they are not caught up yet from September recruitment being over, or even more sadly they are just numb to change.

Each of us knows that change is needed in a new season, but few have stopped to think about it.  I believe that when I coach and help someone that each person knows his/her own heart best.  Each person knows the different response that is needed to change in this new season.  If you are still wondering what that might be for you let me offer a few good places to start.

For some it is changing their schedule to get more proactive.
For some it is being a better communicator to their teammates.
For some it is finding enjoyment and the small WINS that keep them going
For some it is reconnecting with friendships inside and outside of the fraternity/sorority world.
For some it is a matter of letting their heart and mind be brave enough to admit that a change is needed, and not letting their pride or reputation get in the way.

I mention the heart because I think it is the internal place we start the desire of change.  Eventually it becomes external but it must first begin in the heart.

So, let me ask you again as the season changes what needs to change in us?

Is it part of your day?
Is it part of how you see food as fuel for your nutrition?
Is is your attitude about fraternity or sorority?
Is it your attitude about working with certain people?
Do you need to reclaim the vision you once had for yourself in this role?
Do you need to pay attention to the details better?
Is it about becoming more proactive in leading your day?
Do you want to become more of a vocal leader on your staff?

Creative Coaching exercises I want to give you:

Give yourself permission to write down your current reality.
What in my schedule is working?
What is not working?
What are my frustrations?
What are some things that I have procrastinated on?
What are things I am happy with?
What indicators of performance do I find myself looking at most?
Where did we get it right?
Where are we off?

Let me close by saying this.  I love the feeling I get when I walk across a college campus during fall semester.  There is something different about it, a cleanness in the air, and a difference in the way light touches the ground.  The feelings of fall bring to life a nostalgic college spirit for me.  It is a reminder of the past, a call to be present in the moment and a signaling of the future hope I have for the rest of the year.

The signals of beginning a new season are here for all of us.  For a season to change some things have to change.  Right now the temperature in the air is shifting, the color of the leaves are shifting, and they are falling to the ground.  As we pass through October and enter November I want to help you get that clean fall air feeling into your life. Don’t get buried by the falling of leaves in your life — your schedule, your distractions, and all the noise.  Those leaves could cover you, suffocate you, and make you itchy.

Keep this key phrase in mind to unlock your power and influence this season: “I have decided that I’m not going to let anything that will ultimately mean nothing keep me from experiencing what means everything.”