Art & Science of Organizational Growth

by Matt Mattson

Art vs. Science.  Both are necessary when it comes to growing your organization.


We had a great conversation with a trusted colleague this weekend.  He suggested that because we have two big lessons we teach  (Dynamic Recruitment & Social Excellence) there might be some confusion about our message.  So, here’s a fun way to think about it.

The ART of Organizational Growth: Social Excellence.  The art side of what we teach is less about what you do, and more about who you have to become.  Become an artist in the social realm.  Connect with people’s emotions and who they really are through authenticity, curiosity, vulnerability, and generosity.  Create a work of art through genuine connections with real people.  Social Excellence is about being a great recruiter.  It is about who you are.  It is about choosing to live a lifestyle and being the best version of yourself.  This is not science, it is art. 

The SCIENCE of Organizational Growth: Dynamic RecruitmentThis is the system, the business model, the framework, the flowchart, the engineering of organizational growth.  The Dynamic Recruitment System is the proven repeatable scientific process that is measurable, manageable, and proven through results.

Phired Up will continue to develop educational products and services to teach both the Art and Science of Organizational Growth.  We teach what you have to DO and who you have to BE.  Sometimes it makes sense to deliver these separately.  Sometimes they need to be combined.  But to understand the big picture of how to build a membership organization that is world class, first understand that there is an art and a science to it, and both are required.