Are you Phired Up To be or Not To be?

[Editor's Note: Woody Woodcock is one of the most creative, unique-thinking, Socially Excellent, people we've ever met. That always comes through in his off-the-wall, sometimes wacky writing style. This is the second of two posts that go together written recently by Woody]

by Woody Woodcock

ww1One afternoon recently I met a really neat guy who volunteers and serves at my place of worship. He wrote a neat blog that afternoon and I read it after our coffee and cinnamon roll meeting. A quote that stood out and spoke to me as an artist is this “The poem in your heart is not art until it is shared” ~ @RamseyDuck

So thank you friends from the Porch Lights, thank you RamseyDuck for the conversation, and thank you God for my creativity here in the most authentic and artistic frame of mind.

Are you Phired Up To be or Not To be? That is the question.

I am Phired Up To #BethePerson who gathers together with different flocks of people who wear different socks.

To be or not to #BethePerson who breathes in the September air and thinks hey wait maybe I’ll paint my hair and shouts and screams to cheer for your own college football team

To be or not to #BethePerson who chooses to shout “I’m Phired Up” and I’m gonna live it out, not for myself but for others who need to know the gift of life is in people

To be or not to #BethePerson who is part of the story of changing the world through engaging people in deep meaningful conversations

To be or not to #BethePerson who perspires in the pursuit of happiness



Perspire some more and gather together your different flocks with different socks of a feather

Gather together those who believe what you believe so you can feel the relief and the place where you truly belong.

The place where people listen to your song. Yes, the story of your life, of curiosity, generosity, authenticity, vulnerability and the story of what if you met your future wife.

To be, or Not To #BeThePerson who is the best version of who I AM

To be, or Not to be the person who can carry on a meaningful conversation

To be a creator and connector to the kind of people who I wish to surround myself with

To be or not to be

My friend Lori says “The answer to the question is 90% of the solution”

So what is the solution…?

To #Bethe Person or not to be

So I choose to #BethePerson who shared this artistic take from a famous Shake. Shakespeare that is. In the hope that you turn your porch lights on and consider how you will #BeThePerson today, To Be, Do Be the person you are called to be. #BethePerson share your story with me @Woody_Woodcock or on #FB.