Are You Happy?

by Branden Stewart

I stumbled upon (using Stumbleupon) this picture and it got me thinking…

areyouhappy_a2_web_1024-600x848When you meet a member of the Phired Up staff, you’re probably hoping for the chance to find out the best way to fix your recruitment process.  While I haven’t traveled the country as extensively as my colleagues, I do know that many fraternity men and sorority women walk into a Phired Up presentation hoping to learn how they can find a quick fix their recruitment problems.  What they may not be ready to accept is that if they really want to be happy, they’re going to need more than a quick fix.  You’re going to need change.

Yes. I said change.

For some, this is a dirty word.  But just because you’ve “always done it this way” doesn’t mean that it is the right way.  In fact, it could be the reason you’re not happy.

Think for a minute.  Are you happy with your recruitment process? Sure you may have gotten the most people, you may have the highest grades, or you just had the largest recruitment in history.  But is that enough to be truly happy?

I know that I wouldn’t be happy unless I knew that I’ve reached my ultimate potential.

So if you’re completely happy then that’s great.  Keep doing whatever you’re doing. And if you don’t want to be happy, then by all means please continue being miserable (or mediocre).

But let’s be real. You want to be happy.  And the only way you can do that permanently isn’t with a quick fix.  We can help you get started with a few quick fixes by visiting resources here, here, and here.  But what you’ve got to do is change something.

Real change.

Are you happy? Do you want to be?  Then change something.