An End of August Recruitment Lesson

by Vince Fabra

Today is August 31st. This is the last day of the most grueling month for a Phired Up trainer. Each year our team, particularly our sorority recruitment trainers, says “see ya later” to their family, friends and their own beds for 30+ straight days. This August has been truly special. It was equal parts exhausting and rewarding. For every travel day that drained me there was an audience that helped refill my tank. I love my job, and I love connecting with fraternity men.

Personally, the end of August is extra special. Not only does it bring about a slower travel time, but my wife and I also celebrate our wedding anniversary on August 30th. During my presentation, I casually mention my wedding anniversary as I teach the difference between open-ended and close-ended questions. I usually phrase it like this:

“People ask ‘When did you get married?’, I say, ‘August 30th.’ Are you going to remember that date and send me an anniversary card, or are you just going through the motions of a small talk conversation?”

Well, I must’ve underestimated the thoughtfulness of a few fraternity men, because yesterday I received TWO “Happy Anniversary” text messages from recent participants (Shout out to Ethan of Delta Chi at LSU and the random 224 number).

The random 224 number sent a message that simply read “Happy anniversary phired up dude!!”

Happy Anniversary _ Phired Up Dude

That message made me laugh and it genuinely made my day (or at least a close second to the lovely meal shared with my wife). Not only did that text bring a smile to my face on August 30th, but it got me even more excited for August 31st — as I am working with the fraternity community at Colorado State today.

On my drive to the airport this morning, I realized the power of that simple text message — “Happy anniversary phired up dude!!” — That text message is RECRUITMENT! After receiving that text message, I am more excited about my day, and I really want to spread some love in Fort Collins, CO.

At Phired Up, we say “People join people.” To go a step further, “People join people that make them feel special, cared for, accepted, loved, comfortable, validated, respected, etc.” Be less focused on convincing people how you chapter is awesome. Be more focused on helping people recognize how they are awesome. Recruitment is not an event or a marketing strategy. Recruitment is connecting with people and making them feel good.

Recruitment can be and is a simple text that says “Happy anniversary phired up dude!!”

Thank you, random 224 number. You taught me a great recruitment lesson.