Actions Speak Louder Than Words in Recruitment

by Doug Sweeney

ds-actions“Actions speak louder than words.”

The age-old saying applies to your recruiting efforts as you begin this fall.

The firm handshake will make a stronger impression than the casual wave.

The way you carry yourself will speak louder than the words on your “rush” shirt.

The flowers you give a sorority at their meeting will say more about your fraternity than your announcement.

If you haze, that will speak louder than the values of your organization was founded on.

The deeds you do in your local community will speak louder than your recruitment flyers.

Your personal phone call will speak louder than your mass email.

Your warm welcome to a new student will make a greater impact than the decorated table at your organizational fair.

You’re actions speak louder than words.

So remember that this fall and don’t speak too loud with your “rush” shirts, banners, flyers, mass emails, sales pitches, tables and letters… unless you and your brothers/sisters know your actions speak louder.   Remember your letters and values on your t-shirt are just words.   You control your actions.

People don’t join organizations.  People don’t join words.  People join people.  People join actions.