Action Plan To Climb To New Heights

by Matt Mattson

It's mid-semester. You can choose to cruise through the rest of this year and wait til January to plan for a great second semester of organizational growth and development, or you can start planning now.

For many organizational leaders, it can be challenging to tackle all the problems a group will inevitably have. You've got financial strain, you need more members, you've got PR issues, you've got unhappy members, you need a new advisor, you want to improve your programming, etc., etc. It can seem overwhelming to look out over the landscape of the organization and see more mountains of challenge to be climbed than you can count. Well, here's some good news… Phired Up has a tool to help you plan for success.

I live in Colorado, and I love to hike and play in the mountains. I also know that, like trying to solve organizational problems, it is impossible to climb all the mountains I can see at the same time. I have to go one at a time. Phired Up's FREE resource called, Phi Mountain, is a tool that can help you take on one organizational “mountain” at a time.

This free resource can be found on Phired Up's Free Resources web page. Once there, scroll down to “Other Resources,” and download both the worksheet and the guide.

This is a great resource for you to use during retreats, executive leadership meetings, or just to plan out your next semester. It works best as a tool to plan to tackle one major problem. Think of it this way… If you are going to achieve one major thing next semester, what would you like that to be? Use the Phi Mountain tool to help plan for that.

You’ll inevitably run into major hurdles along the way. You’ll need to ford rivers, jump crevices, or scale cliffs. We recommend that the first mountain you plan to climb is MOUNT RECRUITMENT. If you focus first on recruiting a high quantity of high quality members into your organization, you’ll find that the other mountains start to shrink, and you’ll be left with a clear view of success.

Go get ‘em.

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