Achieving “Tha Carter Status” through Dynamic Recruitment

by Keith Collier [Guest Blogger]

Keith Collier, a recent graduate from Grand Valley State University immediately joined the Delta Sigma Phi HQ staff as a New Chapter Development Coordinator. Since joining the staff, he has worked on various colonization projects this semester-mainly focusing on the University of California-Berkeley & Boise State University.

lil-wayne-tha-carter-4-cover-small“I was recordin’…”

This is a direct quote from Lil Wayne’s documentary in 2008 when he got word that his third installment of Tha Carter sold over one million copies in a single week. That’s him. Always recordin’.  And believe it or not, this has something to do with what Phired Up teaches.

Obviously there was a lot of hard work put into this album to make it as great as it is,  and of course, a lot of trial and error. Everything Lil Wayne puts out is not worthy of Tha Carter status, in fact, I’d even venture to say about 40% of what he puts out isn’t that great at all but he continues to record and record (Side note: I can’t wait for the release of Tha Cater IV). Since he began rapping at the age of eight, he has released and/or been featured in an estimated 2,600 + songs as of 2011. “It’s just music, music, music, and money for me, literally”. That’s all Lil Wayne does — record. He does not stop and in his words, “I am music”.

Being the humongous Lil Wayne fan that I am (obviously), and as a recent college graduate now working for my fraternity on a national level, I work to bring people with a passion and purpose together to create an environment to grow and ultimately become legendary. Walking onto a campus and recruiting the best of the best is not an easy task, it takes work. While watching one of Lil Wayne’s many interviews, seen here, I had an “aha” moment.  As I said before, his work ethic is unmatchable and it’s in this characteristic that I strive to emulate him, daily. While on campus at the University of California, Berkeley, It suddenly occurred to me that recruitment and Lil Wayne are very similar in nature. See the resemblance yet?

No? Okay, if you’re like me and believe in the Phired Up Productions model of Dynamic Recruitment — Quantity drives Quality, then you’ll understand right away. For those that don’t, please visit the link provided and research a little further.

Dynamic recruitment requires you to build a names list of potential members and work off of it. Most of the people on the list will not be the right fit for your specific organization (just like most of Lil Wayne’s songs aren’t the right fit/will never make it to mainstream radio). Continually add names and utilize the quantity of your potential members to help drive the quality of membership but remember, it takes HARD WORK.  The more hands you shake, the more people you meet, the more phone calls you make, the more small activities you have, the more chances you’ll have to get the right members for your organization.

Therefore, you must embrace what you do on a daily basis. In a similar fashion to Lil Wayne as he proclaims, “I am music”, at all times you must embrace social excellence, be a dynamic recruiter night/day, and let it become you in order to produce results and change lives.