A Sneak Peak (video) at Dynamic Recruitment Training

by Matt Mattson

Last weekend Josh Orendi and I (Matt Mattson) presented at Tau Kappa Epsilon's national convention/conclave in Las Vegas. While the footage isn't great, we thought many of our readers might like a quick peak at what Phired Up's Dynamic Recruitment Training looks like.

While you can't really get a full sense of the whole program from this video clip, you’ll see Josh Orendi throughout most of it presenting Part One of our training curriculum, “Recruitment Fundamentals.” This part of our curriculum is delivered to large audiences in 60-120 minute sessions, and provides the four baseline fundamentals of recruitment (interpersonal SKILLS, PRODUCT knowledge, AUDIENCE awareness, and MOTIVATION). At this particular program, we delivered a shortened version of Part One, plus an enhanced experiential learning exercise that you’ll catch a short glimpse of at the end of the clip.

We thank Tau Kappa Epsilon for their wonderful hospitality while we were at their conclave, and for their continuing partnership to revolutionize fraternity recruitment and drive a higher quanity of higher quality values-based men into our organizations. 



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