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A Recruitment Referral Machine Actually Exists

by Matt Mattson

Greek Leader: Wouldn’t recruitment be easier if we could just push like a magic button that made real people appear who wanted to be contacted about joining a fraternity or sorority?

Me: It would be cool. But here’s the thing. IT DOES EXIST! The machine is real!

Greek Leader: Hey fella, we don’t live in The Matrix. This is not the future. That machine can’t be real.

Me: It’s real. This is the future. Recruitment is really getting easier.

<And… SCENE!>

We all know referrals are the magic sauce in recruitment. Especially referrals from other potential members. People want to join with their friends. Any prospect represents around 5 people who you could probably recruit. Asking, “Hey, I’m glad you’re interested. Who are a few of your friends that we should be talking with as well?” is recruitment gold.

But what if that was done automatically? It is.

Starting this May, our sister company‘s product CampusDirector (the software to manage your formal recruitment process) is automatically generating referrals! Seriously.

In fact, in its first 2 weeks of the feature’s existence CampusDirector has automatically generated over 1500 new leads of REAL people who are friends with REAL students who already want to join. And that’s with only around 20% of the 190 schools using CampusDirector actually having their recruitment processes open.

Here’s how it is working. When someone signs up for formal recruitment using CampusDirector they are asked, “Would you like to recommend a friend to Greek Life?” It turns out that most people would LOVE to recommend one of their friends (or 2 or 3!) to go through recruitment with them!

This is the lesson. When people are asked, they often provide. Fraternities and sororities have missed out on SO many people because we simply haven’t asked, “Who are your friends so they can learn about us too?”

Two big lessons here.

1. Use TechniPhi’s stuff. This is one of many technological innovations they’re churning out.

2. Ask for referrals from EVERYONE! It works.