A Look Back (and Forward)

By Josh Orendi 

Many people have asked about the history of Phired Up Productions. Some people think we've been around forever, while others are just learning about us. We thought we’d take a moment to share a little about where we've been, where we are, and where we're going. Thanks for supporting the Dynamic Recruitment Revolution! 

Winter 2002: Matt and I started Phired Up with a big dream of providing revolutionary education services to membership organizations. We chose Greek Life as the place to establish our footing for a variety of reasons ‐ mostly because it's what we knew and what we cared about most. We were crazy enough to believe that we could introduce a new recruitment model for success that would change the way Greeks recruit new members and eventually become the industry standard. 

4 ½ years later "

Summer 2007: Phired Up Productions has been featured on well over 100 college campuses, partners with over 20 international fraternity headquarters, established a best-selling book on fraternity recruitment (Good Guys), and touches the lives of over 10,000 Greeks per year. Our Dynamic Recruitment system is quickly becoming the standard for excellence in the Greek world.

Two amazing women came into our lives in 2006, Colleen Coffey & Jessica Gendron. These women were able to see the potential of Phired Up's model for the sorority world. They built on our vision, took ownership over the curriculum, authored the first ever book on sorority recruitment (I Heart Recruitment), and began delivering a female-specific version of the Dynamic Recruitment Workshops. We anticipate success for them beyond what we've experienced in less time ‐ not only do they get to learn from all our mistakes, but let's face it, women are much smarter than us men.

Phired Up has also expanded its offerings into an arena that we always knew would work out, but we just took our time getting there — non-Greek membership organizations. We're working with collegiate student organizations of all sorts on growing the quantity and quality of their memberships. We’ll soon be working with more and more community organizations and corporate partners, but we’ll probably always be most closely aligned with the fraternity/sorority world.

The next 5 years "

By 2012: Look for Phired Up to provide the front end education and backbone support system for the membership recruitment process of the world's most successful membership organizations. Look for more programs, more resources, and more publications. Look for the revolution in recruitment excellence to continue. Look for every member of every membership organization to know about Phired Up, to know about The Eight Steps to Limitless Possibility, and to realize their potential for true greatness.

Man! What a fun ride this has been. Thanks to all our interfraternal Greek friends and colleagues who have supported the work we are doing at Phired Up. We're confident you will continue to reap the rewards of realizing a higher quantify of higher quality members through the year-round, values-based model of Dynamic Recruitment. 

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