A Few Thoughts About Rush T-Shirts This Fall

This post originally appeared on Vince’s Facebook timeline.


by Vince Fabra

Fraternity chapters of America,

Let’s talk about your hilarious “Make (insert Fraternity) Great Again” Rush T-Shirt.

1. There’s no such thing as an effective rush t-shirt. It’s a waste of your money and will turn more people away than it will attract.

2. The guy that originated the “MAGA” slogan tends to repulse people. Political opinions aside, if you had to be so unoriginal and rip off an idea, choose a better muse than a guy that’s alienated almost everyone in the country.

3. With that slogan, “Make (insert fraternity) Great Again,” you’re communicating that your fraternity is not currently great. That attitude will surely attract the 90% of people on campus that already find your existence to be irrelevant and problematic (sarcasm of course).

4. This ironic approval of “MAGA” and its originator is precisely why he might become the 45th President of the United States.

5. Let’s say I’m wrong, your shirt is a hit. Everyone loves it. What now? How are you going to capitalize on that momentum? Or did your plan stop at “Item 1: Create SICK rush tees!”???

Fellas, you can wear matching shirts. It doesn’t matter. What matters is how you build relationships while wearing those t-shirts. Even if someone joins your fraternity because of a t-shirt, you’ll eventually have to TALK TO that guy.

Shake more hands. Have more conversations.

That is how we KEEP Fraternities Great.