Best of the Best (Research Project Launched)

[Editor's Note: Phired Up is proud to announce the initial public project by its Research and Assessment Board (THE BEST OF THE BEST ASSESSMENT), led by Colleen Coffey.  Phired Up believes that real, practical, applicable data about organizational growth will provide one powerful avenue for membership organizations to reach their limitless possibilities.]

by Colleen Coffey

Phired Up Productions values teaching, exemplifying, and spreading Social Excellence everywhere we go. One of my personal favorite tenants of Phired Up’s Social Excellence message is curiosity. I have lots of questions. I am curious about most people, many things, and especially the degree to which we have the ability to impact the fraternal movement one member at a time.

bestThis week in particular I find my mind wandering almost every waking hour towards our Best of the Best Assessment. This assessment is a launching point for the company’s Research and Assessment Board.  We believe that by doing this assessment, we will have information and a process by which, potentially, member selection can be based for fraternities and sororities that want to choose the most cutting edge way to create a truly high QUALITY organization.

We want to know what circumstances and traits define the best of the best fraternity and sorority students in the country. As I share this curiosity with others, their initial reaction is to share stories about really good students: The Panhellenic President who led her officers to make a change to informal recruitment, the fraternity new member who shows up to everything with passion and persistence, or the graduate student who advises with professionalism and purpose. These stories are as wonderful as the individuals themselves but we are curious about students who are better than good-those that have that special something that makes them stand out as the most EXCELLENT members in the country.

The Analytic Quality Dictionary defines excellence as: “exhibiting characteristics that are very good and, implicitly, not achievable by all.” They explain further by stating “excellence enshrines one meaning of quality: a traditional view that associates quality with the exceptional.”

Excellence- Best of the Best- Top 1%: These are great phrases and really cool words that we may use to describe our members and organizations. I often hear phrases like “we are the best group on campus,” “we have an excellent national organization,” “our Greek community host the top students at our University.” Really? Is that really true? Or are these just things that we say and maybe even believe because they make us feel good. I want to challenge our readers and survey takers to think long and hard about  what it really means to be the best of the best. Imagine a fraternal movement that can truly boast that it is home to the top 1% of all people in the world. Imagine having a whole chapter of “horses”. Imagine an experience where the possibilities are limitless and the fraternal movement rarely has to feel any shame.

One assessment is not going to change everything, but it is a start. It is with healthy curiosity that we forge ahead. Recently, we piloted our Best of the Best Assessment to a random selection of 100 people from our database. We chose to be vulnerable with these people.  We asked them to critically evaluate the assessment so that now… today… when we launch the actual assessment itself,  it is as credible and valid as it can be. When our results are in, we will have the ability to revolutionize the way in which we look for members. We are starting the process that will allow us to recruit the excellent members that our organizations deserve.

Are you ready?

Be a part of the reseach right now… Click here.