67 Ways To Meet Potential Members (Updated Free Resource)

by Matt Mattson

6-cylindersYou know by now that “You can’t recruit who you don’t know.”  So, the big question we get from fraternity men is, “How do I meet 500 people to put on our chapter’s Names List?”

Fraternities all run on a 6 cylinder engine. Each of those cylinders is a category of ideas used to “drives names onto a Names List.”  Unfortunately most chapters are only using 1 or 2 of their cylinders, thus producing very little Horsepower.

Use these ideas (each of us falls within one of the 6 cylinders categories) to build up your Names List fast!  They’re all proven.  They all work.  There are 67 of them, and you probably only need 5… so choose your favorites and execute them with excellence.

Download the updated Free Resource here.

Newly added ideas include:

Ask the Rest to Find the Best
Online Referrals
Door Holding Campaign
IFC and Other Fraternities

Sneak Peek
Be Nice To People… For At Least A Week

Snow Day Recruitment
Scavenger Hunting For Names
Free Hugs
The Names Game
Crossword Puzzle Ice Breaker

The Listening Table
Superbowl Recruitment Trick
Free Text Books at the Bookstore