5 Ways to Turn Boring Questions into Amazing Conversations

by Vince Fabra

While presenting with fabulously brilliant Jessica Gendron Williams , she shared this easy conversation tool. Now, I share it with you as a blog.

5 simple ways to turn your boring question into an amazing conversation.

Far too often, our conversations get stuck. We get caught up in a polite information exchange, where we just say and hear about majors, hometowns, years in college, residence hall we live in, etc. (We call this “the middle”. See this blog from 2010). Would you like 5 ways to turn boring questions into amazing questions? Of course you would.

Here they are!

  1. Why…?
  2. How…?
  3. Tell me more about…
  4. Explain to me…
  5. Help me understand…

Watch how this works.

Q: What is your major?
A: Engineering

That’s about all you can do with that. Watch how that changes when you seek information in a better way.

Q: Tell me about your major.
A: Well, I came into college and originally thought I wanted to study biology, but then I dissected a frog, so I changed to engineering… (STORY)

These five question prefixes work for any question. Having a boring conversation? Not anymore when you can add Why, How, Tell me more about, Explain to me, or Help me understand to the front of your questions. You’re welcome.