5 Stages of a Great Recruitment Call

by Josh Orendi

[Also see here for Matt's take on a simple follow-up call script]

I recently had the pleasure of doing telephone training with fraternity men at BGSU and MTSU. Before tackling hundreds of calls (in under an hour) we did 20 minutes of phone training. Here are the 5 stages we focused on.

1. The first word our of our mouths should be his name, using an inquisitive energetic tone. This is his favorite word and puts you in control of the call. Do not say “hello? … Is this John … Hi, this is Josh …” just follow this tip. Say only his name with an energetic inquisitive tone.

2. Tell him why you are calling:
– I just had a great conversation with Kim at Phi Sig about top leaders on campus. Your name came up at least 2-3 times.
– I've been talking with a few freshmen leaders that were hand selected by this year's orientation mentors, I was hoping that I could pick your brain for a few minutes.
– We're organizing an new student organization with a group of “best-of-the-best” leaders. Your name found its way on the list more than once so I figured I should give you a call personally.

3. Ask YES questions. We then ask several questions that we already know that he's likely to say “yes” to. For example:
– You know Mike Jones right?
– You're a freshman this year, right?
– Do you have a roommate?
– Your name is on our list scholarship applications, you applied for the Don Zimmer Memorial Scholarship, RIGHT?

4. Schedule an appointment day/time to talk.
- I'm sure your week is as busy as mine. I have a little time on Monday morning or Wednesday afternoon. Which is better for you?
– Let's grab a cup of coffee in the union. Are you available right now, or should we schedule a time for next week.

5. “PERFECT.” This is the only answer to EVERY response/excuse he has. Literally! Just say “perfect.”
HIM: I don't really have time.”
ME: Perfect. I don't have much time either. The best student on campus rarely do. Let's make sure our meeting doesn't take more than 15 minutes.

HIM: I can't make it tonight.
ME: Perfect. We have another opportunity tomorrow night that we're expected to be better attended. 

HIM: I don't have a car on campus.
ME: Perfect. We're shuttling people to the BBQ starting at 6pm. What time should we meet you out front of the dorms?

BONUS POINTER: The goal is NOT to have a 10 minute conversation. A good conversation is less than 90 seconds long. Take control of the conversation, lock in the appointment, confirm the details, and dial the next number.