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32,028+ Better Recruiters (and 9 Lessons)


That’s how many people own a copy of one of the publications from Phired Up about HOW TO GROW FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES using Values-Based, Relationship-Focused, Results-Producing techniques. You can find them here.

We are so grateful to the people who have bought, read, shared, written it, and most importantly USED a Phired Up book about how to grow Greek Life. Good Guys, I Heart Recruitment, and Social Excellence: We Dare You are three books that have been passed down in chapters, read by fraternity/sorority staff members, and helped many members re-think how to attract high quantities of high quality members.

Here are 9 things those 32,028 readers read in our books…

1. “Many sororities have a crippling illness: Dependecitis. Dependecitis (the primary symptom being an unhealthy dependence on formal recruitment) is a nasty disease that makes all chapters infected believe they have to spend a lot of money and time on planning their formal recruitment events in order to recruit members.” -I Heart Recruitment

2. “Next time you have a big rush event on campus where you publicly and proudly display your IM basketball trophies, photo albums and banners, ask yourself if you’re displaying features or benefits.” -Good Guys

3.”‘Don’t talk to strangers’ is rooted in the psyches of many adults. During childhood, when we were too young to consistently avoid danger, many of us had this mantra drilled into our brains by loving and protective parents. But that phrase is a paralyzing prescription for mediocrity and limited potential in adulthood.” -Social Excellence: We Dare You

4. “Your house may have different letters on it than mine, but our foundations are built from the same stone.” -Good Guys

5. “Does your organization have a dream right now? Does your chapter have something to shoot for? Do your members have a powerful, compelling reason to do the sometimes menial tasks it takes to make your recruitment efforts successful? Have you determined what, as a sorority, is important enought for all of you to work toward… so important in fact, that it doesn’t matter how much effort is necessary, it will get done?” -I Heart Recruitment

6. “It is up to us to determine whether we will let our electronic relationships bring us closer to the real world around us or separate us from it.” -Social Excellence: We Dare You

7. “We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: quantity drives quality. The more women you get to know and the more names you can accumulate, the better chance you’ll have of getting more high quality members.” -I Heart Recruitment

8. “Empower your prospects and new members with the message that they are the future of your fraternity. Let them know that now is the time for them to start being a leader. Ask them to look everywhere, including their classes, dorm, and teams to find the men they want to join them on their fraternal adventure.” -Good Guys

9. “If you want to be popular — in the traditional high school cafeteria sense of the word — you have missed the point. If, however, you want to win the respect of the people around you; if you think it is cool to engage in deep meaningful conversations with anyone, (regardless of social status, race, age, creed, sexuality or any “other” different than you) because they can provide you a deeper understanding of the world, well… we’d like to sit at your table for lunch today. Let’s redefine cool together, shall we?”



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