“3-to-7″ A little technique with big results…

The academic year has begun, so we’re re-posting a blog favorite that may come in handy as you start your semester!

by Josh Orendi

“Three-to-Seven” A little technique with big results…

Write “3-to-7″ on the back of your hand. Post it on the inside of the front door of the chapter house. Put up a sign in the bathroom stalls. Whatever you need to do, we’re looking for every member of the chapter to make this commitment on the first day of class:

1. Show up 3-7 minutes early for every class.
2. Sit in rows 3-7.
3. Make 3-7 new friends in those classes this week.

Here’s how/why it works:

1. Arriving more than 7 minutes early means you won’t have your pick of potential new members to sit next to. Be strategic about who you sit near. This is likely to be the same chair you’ll sit in all semester. Showing up later than 3 minutes early means the best seats will be taken, or you may be forced to sit near the back of the room because class has already started.

2. Research shows that top academic performers sit in the rows closest to the front of the class … but not necessarily the first 1-2 rows. Interesting. You want to position yourself as a top performer and associate yourself with other top performers (right?), so take a seat in the section where top performers congregate. 

3. You just showed up early and you know that you are sitting next to a top performer. It’s time to make a new friend! Do that with a person or two in each of the 3-7 classes that you’re taking this semester. Multiply that effort times the number of members in your chapter. (The Names List is about to explode)

Oh, it’s so simple and so sweet. In week #1 without spending a dollar or planning a Big Event, you just met dozens of the best non-greek students on campus. Side benefit: You’re better positioned to be a top performing chapter in academics as well.

Remember, 3-to-7!!!