3 Keys to Fraternity Summer Recruitment (video)

by Vince Fabra

When delivering a keynote to a fraternity audience, I tell the crowd, "Recruitment is a 365-day-a-year process." This statement is met with agreeing head nods and guys saying things like, "True dat" and "That is what I am talking about!" We all can agree that we should never stop growing our network with the hopes of growing our fraternity, but there are certain times on the calendar when recruitment becomes and afterthought. Summer is one of those times.

Over the years, Phired Up has written several blogs and provided many resources on summer recruitment. Now, we have made a video – Three Keys to Summer Recruitment.

1. Get informed on important dates – Summer Previews, Orientation, Welcome Week are all prime opportunities for you to meet incoming and returning students. Rather than racking your brain to come up with ways to bring potential joiners to campus, just be sure to have a presence at these important opportunities. Here is a related post with a similar philosophy.

2. Have a reason to reach out – My number 1 recommendation is to reach out as an individual – NOT AS MEMBER OF YOUR FRATERNITY. Just make friends. If you are going to reach out as a member of your organization, give incoming and returning students something that is more exciting than just learning about your fraternity. A scholarship or a survey on Greek Life are perfect reasons to reach out to strangers who may be on campus. Also, a these tactics will help you acquire a ton of names to put on your names list.

3. Offer consistent follow up – "Consistent" does not mean "constant." Rather than blasting these people with information, do your best to build relationships with the folks you have met over the summer. That way, when they arrive on campus for the fall, they know they have a friend in you.

Your goal this summer – Get names and contact information and turn as many of those into relationships by the fall. We have plenty of resources that will help you do so. Good luck.

Recruitment is a 365-day-a-year process. I know you are reading this, nodding your head, saying to yourself something like, "True dat." "That is what I am talking about!"