2,125,000 Reasons To Recruit

There are well over 10 million students expected to attend a 4-year institutions in the U.S. this year (probably more than 13 million). There are about 750,000 undergraduate fraternity/sorority members (based on the numbers publicly available it is safe to estimate the number at less than a million).  Let us go ahead and round that to say that roughly 1 in 10 college students are Greek (yes, we are aware that is a rough estimate).

Another way to think of it is that around 10 million college students are being deprived of the fraternity/sorority experience. We do a math equation in our books and programs (refresh your memory here). Let’s do a little math with these national numbers to find out how many students your organization could actually recruit… accounting for gender-specific organizations and the research that tells us that 15% of every incoming class are “never joiners,” and then over-adjusting by even 50% more due to selectivity and prospect rejection, we get a number that tells us how many additional college students would join YOUR fraternity or sorority if recruited in the right way this year.

The math tells us: 2,125,000 are waiting to join YOUR fraternity or sorority this year (See our math work at the bottom). These are students that both deserve and desire our fraternal experience. They will make our groups better. They will make our groups bigger. They will make our movement more influential and powerful. We just have to go recruit them. Let’s Grow.



10,000,000 College Students

-50% Gender-Specificity

= 5,000,000 Male or Female College Students

-15% (“Never Joiners” – according to several studies, three types of students show up in their first year — Always Joiners *15% really want fraternity/sorority*, Never Joiners *15% philosophically opposed*, and Maybe Joiners *70% who have not made up their mind entirely*)

=4,250,000 “Maybe Joiners” and “Always Joiners”

-50% (Just about every group we’ve ever worked with has agreed that at least 1/2 of the people they’ve build a real friendship with since starting college AND that have become “friends of the fraternity/sorority” have either joined or shown very serious interest in joining — most groups say that number is closer to 80%)

=2,125,000 People waiting to join your group.