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The Small Things Matter in Recruitment

by Woody Woodcock

Have you heard anyone say something in 2015 that caught your attention yet?  Last week I heard a man say something valuable that really stuck with me. It was so simple and I thought he was absolutely right.   I hope as you read it sticks with you, too.

He said:

“It is often the SMALL things that no one sees that result in the BIG things that everyone wants.”

Read, it again.

“It is often the SMALL things that no one sees that result in the BIG things that everyone wants.”

Wow! What if I thought about his simple phrase more in 2015?  What if WE as leaders and members thought more about this phrase for fraternity and sorority?  What if we thought about this phrase more in RECRUITMENT?  How could we benefit from using this wisdom?

What are the small things that we can do in recruitment, that will add up to the BIG results at the end?

At Phired Up we care deeply about putting more people and better people into fraternity and sorority.  We also care about the SMALL things and believe that the doing them well can lead to BIG results.

If you are new to Phired Up or Dynamic Recruitment let me share a few of the SMALL things that can impact the results in recruitment for your chapter.  This SMALL things will add up to BIG results for your chapter in recruitment:

  • Using a Chapter Names List (here‘s what we recommend)
  • Having a proactive calendar of SMALL activities created in advance of your BIG recruitment time
  • Using a SMALL list of Values-Based Criteria so you can know who is and is not a qualified for membership.
  • Building a SMALL Team to support your recruitment chairman
  • Setting aside a SMALL amount intentional time to talk with your recruitment coach/advisor so that he/she can stretch you, encourage you, and help you see obstacles you hadn’t thought of yet.
  • Trying to meet a SMALL number of new people each day on campus that don’t already hang out with your fraternity or sorority
  • Practicing what your going to say in the mirror for a SMALL amount of time, so you feel prepared to approach or contact someone new.
  • Sending an encouraging text message to a SMALL group of potential members

Apply this RIGHT NOW:

Step One: write down the SMALL things that you believe your chapter can do better
Nothing should be taken for granted.  Nothing is to SMALL just write down whatever comes to mind.

Step Two: Next begin creating a SMALL plan of how you will focus on SMALL measurable wins to do the SMALL things better in dynamic recruitment.

Not sure where to start?  Just send a SMALL email to us.  We’d love to help.

“It is often the SMALL things that no one sees that result in the big thing that everyone wants”

We Need Values In Recruitment

now for values based recruitmentby Matt Mattson

For almost 13 years we’ve been teaching that the source of all our fraternity/sorority success is RECRUITMENT, and the cause of all our fraternity/sorority woes is also RECRUITMENT. I believe that more now than I ever have.

Our recruitment processes set the tone for our membership experience. The experiences, conversations, expectations, social cues, process and everything a potential member experiences while being recruited creates the foundation for your organization’s next several years. Each year we have the chance to make that recruitment experience better, more befitting our organizations’ historical purposes, more worthy of our rituals, more VALUES-BASED.

We’ve written about how to do values-based recruitment before (herehere, here, and here). NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE SURE YOUR CHAPTER AND COMMUNITY ARE DOING IT!

We teach VALUES-BASED RECRUITMENT too. Check out iValU, our Keynote & Training Workshops, and our Quick Recruitment Prep Course. Our training services are built to help solve the problems of Greek Life, not just add more people to our chapters. We believe in, and teach, a highly values-based approach to fraternity/sorority recruitment. Whether it is through a formal process, year-round recruitment, or some other variation, we can help you put VALUES at the center of your recruitment efforts.

There has never been a more important time than NOW for Values-Based Recruitment. We have to make bold moves to improve our reputation, image, and the overall quality of the fraternal experience on every campus. We believe in fraternity and sorority. We believe more fraternity/sorority members equals a better world. We also know that there is a right and a wrong way to recruit — if you’re reading this blog, it’s likely that you believe all that too, and you believe that fraternity/sorority is a beautiful thing but it can be done better. Let’s work together to make Greek Life the values-based experience it is meant to be.


sae ou

“We’re about Quality!”

by Matt Mattson

“We’re about quality!” says nearly every fraternity/sorority member.

Prove it. Please. Prove it.

Be exceptional. Be people your alumni can be proud of. Be “high quality.”

Today is another dark day in the history of Greek Life. Our demons are haunting us. The former members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at The University of Oklahoma proved that our members are not all “high quality guys.” Those guys were horrible. They are an embarrassment to fraternity and sorority. And they’re in all of our organizations. All of them. We have so much work to do.

When you say your chapter is about “high quality” members, please be ready to prove it. Be excellent. Be kind. Be special. Be people we can all be proud of.

When you recruit new members this coming year, there are two things you should probably consider.

1. Be ready to PROVE that you’re not racist sexual assaulters. Because the evidence available publicly would suggest otherwise. Start having some very real conversations about how you can prove your quality to people who have been taught otherwise. Not just claim it, prove it.

2. Please only recruit people who are VERY different from the idiots in SAE’s former Oklahoma chapter who were filmed chanting on a bus. There are two ways to do that… a) build a big Names List – the more people you know, the more people you can choose from – Quanity Drives Quality. b) Use a Values-Based Selection Criteria that disqualifies anyone except truly remarkable people who will make our organizations better.

If you love fraternity and sorority like I do because it taught you the opposite of what we’re all reading in the news today, please decide right now to work much harder to stop this sh*t from happening. Fraternity and sorority is something that I believe can and does make the world better. But too often we’re making it worse. I know that only really high quality people read this blog so I’m “preaching to the choir,” but we have to DO business differently, not just post about it on Social Media. It starts with recruiting differently, selecting differently, and educating new members differently. VERY differently. We were founded to be models of humanity to the collegiate communities that host us, but lately we’re allowing mediocre to terrible members (that we recruited) be perfect models of utter inhumanity.

I’m still committed to making us better. I’m promising to continue pushing and doing and creating. I know many others are too. Certainly our team at Phired Up (and Innova and TechniPhi) are. Let’s get to work.